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professional dryer vent cleaners

Air ducts should be routinely cleaned to remove debris and the buildup of pollen, mold and other contaminants. Our American team comes in and does an individual walk through, to verify all vents and returns and looks for any unusual situations. We remove all covers and use our truck-mounted units with 2 inch vacuum hose to remove any large debris (we have found a variety of items including old fruit filled mason jars from 1919, rodents, toys, bird nests, animal waste, construction debris and thousands of other objects). A variety of attachments are used during this step to assist us with getting down into each individual vent in your system. This ensures that your entire heating/air conditioning system is fully cleaned.

We also offer a fogging treatment to sanitize and deodorize your system that will eliminate any pollen, mold, mildew, ragweed or any other contaminants in your system.


Clean and wipe supply covers Up To 15 Vents $299 (Save $25)

Clean and wipe supply covers up to 8 vents $229 (Save $10)

1 Chicago Carpet Cleaner technicians use one of the top most dominant and active air vent cleaning methods on the marketplace today. This permits us to clean all kinds of vent work and air vent structures no matter where you live at. Our air vent cleaning method follows the rules for vent cleaning in Illinois. And with the expert advice from your air vent cleaning tech, you can count on 1 Chicago Carpet Cleaner . Offer includes all access supplies vents, main trunk, cleaning your main vents UNLIMTED 1 Furnance. Additional vents $11 per vent. .

By having your air ducts cleaned regularly, you'll help improve the indoor air quality in your home, and enhance the efficiency of your heating/cooling system, which may reduce energy bills.

Vent Cleaning Clothes Dryer $125.00 (Save $25.00)

SAVE BIG!  (When you have both dryer vent and whole home furnance vent duct cleaned) Vent Cleaning Clothes Dryer With Air vent cleaning service same day Only $75.00 (Save $75.00) regular price $150.00

Great Package For saving when you clean it at the same time with whole house vent cleaning.

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professional vent cleaning

The importance of air purifiers in your home.

How often do you stop to think about the air that you breathe in? Clean air is something we use every minute of every day.  Home owners and renters in Chicago area may occasionally clean their vents or open up a few windows to “air out” their home, but is that enough? With the latest technology and growing industries all around us, our communities and environment has changed and may be suffering. The air we breathe may not be as pure and clean as we think. Now more than ever air purifiers are a necessity in the home of your loved ones.

Air purifier

Clean air in your home

Not only does the air carry oxygen by which we survive, but it also carries microorganisms. These microorganisms can spread very quickly and have become more commonly found now more than ever.  It really is scary to think how easily an epidemic can be started simply from a virus being spread by the air. Contrary to popular belief, “outside” air is not necessarily dirtier than the “inside” air in our homes.  Your loved ones may be in danger just by entering your home. Asthmatics suffer more than the average person when it involves unclean air. Small children, especially newborns, and elderly people are the most susceptible to suffer from respiratory disorders from the unfavorable air conditions they breathe.

What makes the air so unclean? Pollution plays a huge role. Cars, chemicals, smoke from large factories, all contribute to air contamination. There are also other factors such as allergens in the air. Allergens have been around for many many years and a majority of which are responsible for the current asthma crisis. Bacteria and viruses travel in the air and can cause serious effects on people who are already sick.

So what can you do to protect your loved ones? No, you don't have to put them in a plastic bubble.  Many companies are now more aware of the pollution and danger to the environment that they may cause. They have adapted “Green” technology and practices to help control the amount of pollutants that are in the outside air. At home, people can be sure to routinely have the vents of their homes cleaned and simply change the filters on your air systems. Using air filters can make a difference in the quality of indoor air.

Dependent upon the type of air filter you have, there are several different techniques that are used to purify the air.  All air filters simply try to take out all the allergens and pollution. Some air purifiers use techniques to absorb the pollutants. There are newer purifiers that use electrostatic and ionizers to clean the air. There are even some machines that use a germicidal UV light and emission of ions that react with the agents in the air that can reduce or eliminate the unwanted contaminates. The good news is that household air filters can be purchased just about anywhere.  You can find them in a range of prices online or at your local hardware store. For help with cleaning the air in your home feel free to call us and ask about our vent cleaning services.

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