How Do I Protect My Carpet From Dog Urine?

Having a dog and carpet in the same place is not always a great idea because the dog might just decide to use your carpet as a toilet one day. Next thing you know, you are google searching “how do I protect my carpet from dog urine.” Luckily for you, we got you covered. 

It is recommended to vacuum twice weekly to keep your home clean and get rid of all the dogs shed. You can also use a moderate tone carpet that has a couple of tones interlaced in to help conceal the dirt caused by your pet.

The truth is that no matter what kind of pet you own, getting rid of the foul smell of their urine is never simple. Eventually, you end up looking for the best homemade carpet cleaning solution in order to disinfect your carpet. In this article, we will investigate a couple of tips that could help you.

These are tips to protect your carpet from dog urine;

Buy a Stain-Resistant Carpet

This is the first solution to your “how do I protect my carpet from dog urine?” question. But, what carpet is best for pets? Stain-safe or stain proofing carpet is the best option for protecting the carpet covering or covering a wooden/tiled floor. It has a defensive surface applied to its fibers and you don’t need to scotch guard it because it can resist being vacuumed, spills, and steam cleaned while maintaining a lot of its trustworthiness.  

How do I Protect my Carpet From Dog Urine?
How do I Protect my Carpet From Dog Urine?

A Hardwood or Tiled Entrance is Best

During the rainy or snow season when you take your dog for a walk, it is important to install a hardwood or tile entrance with a carpet so they can stroll over it. This helps to keep their muddy and wet feet from making prints on the floors and protect the carpet from damage.

Some dogs play and sprinkle a little because of their size, so keep a towel close to the entryway to clean them off. A few kinds of mud can be harder to eliminate from the carpet than others.

Clean Up Your Pet’s Urine as Soon as It Happens

Pet pee is one of the hardest things to get rid of. To get rid of urine spots on your carpet, you need to clean it immediately. You should first get a few paper towels and step on them a couple of times while wearing a shoe. This will assist in removing the pee while avoiding its spread. Keep doing this until the toilet paper is dry or about to be.

Then add 1 teaspoon of alkali in a glass of water and sprinkle it on the particular region and let it sit for five minutes. With a firm carpet brush, make little circular-like motions on the surface. After this, use a dry or wet vacuum in pulling the remainder of the region. The above will keep the pee from discoloring the carpet and also dig every bit of it from the carpet cover.

Make Use of Non-Stain Resistant Options While Scotch Guarding 

If you have a carpet that is a couple of years older, it is recommended that you scotch guard it. This will put up a defensive guard on the carpet. 

It is important to get this done professionally to guarantee that each fiber is treated. Without getting this help, you could miss a spot and cause stains to get under the strands that are treated. This can lead to difficult stains getting past the scotch guarding and they become almost impossible to remove.

Make Sure Your Pet’s Nails are Trimmed 

Leaving your pet’s nails to overgrow can cause a lot of damage to your carpet. This damage can leave spots bare on your carpet thereby leaving it disheveled and harder than the remainder of the carpet. Make use of the pet nail file. This eliminates the rigidity and makes the nails smooth again. Additionally, doing this will protect your carpets and hardwood floors.

You Should Vacuum Two Times a Week

Following recommended floor cleaning tips and tricks, you should try to vacuum two times a week. In the course of these, you should move furniture and vacuum altogether because pet hair and dander can move around, making it jump on the cover that is under the furniture. Unfortunately, whether the pet sheds a lot or not, dander is created and spread around by them.

It is recommended to clean their playing space because slobber and fleck from their toys can get into the carpet and pet slobber can leave a disagreeable scent. Dog repellent for carpet can also help to make work easier for you.

Protect Carpet From Pets
Protect Carpet From Pets

Steam Clean Floor Coverings Monthly

Steam cleaning floor coverings monthly limits any dander, hair, or salivation that got into the carpet or the dog carpet. 

If you plan to steam clean monthly, it is ideal to utilize a cleaner that is intended for simply sprucing up the floor covering or one that is intended for homes with pets. These are regularly a more weakened focus and are simpler on the floor covering the heap.

Make Use of a Carpet Powder

It is recommended that you sprinkle the powder liberally and let it settle down for the period recommended in the instructions and then vacuum completely by examining the whole carpet at least two times. 

The principal pass will dig out the powder and effective particles. The subsequent pass gets further down digging out dander hair, and different crumbs that are rooted into the filaments.

There are a few stages to dealing with your carpet when you have pets. Keeping your carpet clean shows that you delight in how clean your home looks and smells. Additionally, it can impress your visitors. Additional steps are required to keep your carpet looking new and clean if you own pets, like investing in a plastic carpet protector for pets. Now, you can finally stop asking “how do I protect my carpet from dog urine?”

How Often Do Hotels Clean Carpets?

Many businesses such as bars, lounges, and hotels are well known for using carpeted floors in comparison to hardwood, linoleum, or marble because of the unique experience of hospitality that it provides. Many locations don’t fall into this category so they don’t pay much mind to things such as sanitation; just sweep, grab a good clean mop, soak up the mess, drop a wet floor sign, and keep it moving. Carpeted locations don’t have that luxury.

Sanitation is highly serious, particularly with the pandemic that has been running amok. Carpets can be a jungle for microbes to act like animals and hide among the shrubbery, despite consistent cleaning.

How Often Do Hotels Clean Carpets?
How Often Do Hotels Clean Carpets?

So, how does commercial carpet cleaning at hotels work? First, understand that cleaning is not enough. Cleaning typically swipes germs from one location to another and this applies to carpeted materials too. Sanitation, on the other hand, can make a difference in maintaining good health among yourself, staff, and visitors.

How Often Should Carpets be Cleaned?

Vacuuming every day would be the best method to maintain the carpeting but if not, the minimum is 3 times a week. This is not set in stone as to how often carpet should be cleaned; it depends on the kind of material and the flow of traffic that consistently traverses across it.

Obviously, less traffic requires less maintenance; more traffic requires more. For example, rooms, bars, lobbies require daily attention; there is NO telling what microbes embedded themselves into the carpet. This requires attention on the owner’s part to discover how often to clean and where the heaviest flow of traffic is to prevent losing the quality of luster.

There’s no particular standard to follow when cleaning carpets. This is because the procedures you follow range depending on the type of carpet. Some require more effort, some require much less. However, research of what you have can ensure that shampooing your carpets leaves tham as fresh as when they was first installed.

We all know that carpet is made from a material that can absorb liquids; it applies to microbes as well. Microbes get stuck in the weave of carpet and become a burden to remove. As mentioned, there isn’t a designated process to follow when cleaning but there are recommended routines that extend their longevity.

Vacuuming is typically the first step in removing things such as dust, dirt, and other allergens, like pollen. Everyone has used a vacuum but not everyone uses a vacuum properly. Having the proper tool to get the job done is just as important. Without a proper vacuum, it can be near impossible to get the level of cleanliness that’s needed.

How Often Should you Shampoo Carpets?

Again, it leads back to understanding the product and the flow of traffic coming and going in the hotel. Like vacuuming, there is not a set regulation for how often to shampoo carpet. However, research shows that daily shampoos can oversaturate the material of the carpet, causing mold to grow.

Say there was a spill on the carpet at the bar. There is a good chance that you would use the carpet shampooing machine since it is in a heavily trafficked area.

However, a child losing a few drops of apple juice to a white carpet in a low traffic area does not require the machine, and you might prefer to disinfect it without a steam cleaner. Spot treatments are suitable to conserve resources and your carpet. After removing the juice, apply a cleanser to the affected area followed by a dry paper towel or cloth and topped with a weighted object to apply pressure and promote absorption.

Sometimes, this is not enough to get the job done. In which case, a gentle scrub with a soft carpet brush can help loosen portions of stubborn stains. Be aware, applying too much pressure can damage the material so it is not recommended. It's more-so a last resort tactic to have in your toolbox in the event that the cleanser, cloth, and pressure method does not provide results. The cleanser, cloth, and pressure method may require follow-ups to guarantee that the stain does not settle but the soft-bristled brush method is only to be applied once to avoid causing any damage.

For deeper stains such as dyes, glue, chocolate ice cream, or other deep sinking stains, it is recommended to reach out to professional carpet cleaners to guarantee results. The primary thing to remember, regardless of the size or severity of the stain, immediately apply the spot treatment method to make sure the stain does not settle. The longer a stain is allowed to sit, the more difficult it will be to remove it.

How Often Do Hotels Clean Carpets?
How Often Do Hotels Clean Carpets?

It's recommended that a 3rd party carpet cleaning professional is requested to clean the carpets, at least, a minimum of 1 to 2 times a month.

Other Tips you may Need Moving Forward

Understanding the quality of carpet in the hotel is the first step in maintaining quality visuals that it had during its installment. In understanding what you have, you are then able to understand better as to how often hotels clean carpets. The job MUST be done right and done well if you intend to avoid having to replace your carpet sooner than later.

Maintaining carpet in a hotel takes effort and is not as simple as it is at home. This is because of the constant flow of visitors that can ruin your carpet. Remember, poor efforts yield poor quality products. If you want to know more about how you can maintain the hospitable ambiance at hotels, you can read more articles about carpets.

What is a Carpet Brush?

A carpet is a good touch of furnishing in any home or office. However, the intensive cleaning of carpets takes a lot of time and work. Here comes the scrub brush for carpet, which is available in hardware shops or online stores. Read on to find out what is a carpet brush and if it is worth buying.

Carpet Cleaning Brush for Home Use

A carpet cleaning brush or carpet scrub brush, simply called a carpet brush, is an implement used for cleaning rugs and carpets. It removes dust and soil, as well as other pollutants from your rug or carpet. It is simple to use and complements using a vacuum cleaner.

Carpet brushes come in the form of rug brushes, carpet sweepers, lint rollers, rotary, and drill brushes, among others. To learn how to make carpet softer, lightly clean it using a vacuum before brushing it using a carpet brush.

Carpet Brush

Benefits of Using a Carpet Brush

Knowing what is a carpet brush will make you realize that it’s one of the cheap disinfecting methods without steaming carpets. With just a carpet scrub brush and baking soda, shampoo, or liquid detergent, cleaning is made simple. You save money compared when hiring the services of a washing company nor using a vacuum cleaner all the time.

Before cleaning your carpet, some preparations need to be made. A rug brush is best used for quick cleaning daily and can be used by anyone regardless of age. No plugging of appliances and changing settings are required so your cleaning routine is made simple. A carpet brush is cheap and handy, making it easy to use and store. It is also a good complementary tool for a vacuum cleaner.

A carpet brush works just fine when used with a small amount of water so the carpet won’t get soaked too much. To top it off, carpet brushes don’t leech the color off your elegant-looking carpet when used properly. You see, frequent washing or vacuum cleaning of carpets can make them worn out easily so using a carpet brush can make them retain their shine.

Rug Brush

Drawbacks of Using a Carpet Brush

It is not as effective as vacuum or steam cleaning.

The main downside of using a scrub brush for carpet is the fact that it doesn’t clean carpets thoroughly. A carpet scrub brush is not a fool-proof cleaning tool, as intensive cleaning of carpets usually done by professional carpet cleaners will require steaming and using a vacuum cleaner. Because high temperature wasn’t used in cleaning, the allergens and bacteria are still trapped in the fibers. You could always try using a carpet cleaner or extractor to get some bacteria out but it is always best to have a professional handle those tasks for you.

It can damage your carpet.

A carpet brush can retain the shine of your carpets only when used properly. This means that it can still cause damage to your carpet since brushing correctly is one way of how to make carpet softer. Using a carpet brush is also time-consuming and it takes a lot of energy. Brushing manually is tiring, given the large surface area that you have to clean.

Knowing what is a carpet brush can help you decide on the best way to clean your carpet. Cost-effective and easy to use, a rug brush suits frequent floor cleaning. Deep-cleaning methods are still preferable especially when you rarely clean your carpets at home.

How to Disinfect Carpet Without Steam Cleaner – What is the best homemade carpet cleaning solution?

Carpets, kids and pets are triple trouble in your house. If you have them, then you know how messy things can get. Kids will pour all manner of stuff on your carpet. Pets will leave fur and mud from outside. You will be harboring all the types of germs in your expensive rug. With steam cleaning, you will get ahead of all this mess in your carpet. But what if you cannot afford to do steam cleaning regularly? Then you should know how to disinfect carpet without steam cleaner. 

How to Disinfect Carpet Without Steam Cleaner

From shampooing carpets to cleaning tile, maintaining your floors is important.  This post will share various methods you can use to disinfect your rugs without steam

How to Disinfect Carpet Without Steam Cleaner
How to Disinfect Carpet Without Steam Cleaner

cleaning. Choose whatever suits your preference and keep your carpets clean and safe at all times. 

Deep cleaning your carpets naturally.

If someone in your home is allergic to scents, then using strong cleaning chemicals and products is not advisable. How about doing it naturally? Yes, that is a possibility and here is how to go about it;


  • Club soda


Did you know that club soda is a very effective carpet cleaner? If you did not, now you do. It is an excellent remover of wine and blood stains. Pour a small portion of soda on your carpet and blot it using a clean rag or towel. 


  • Solution of water, dish soap and vinegar


Mix a quarter tablespoon of vinegar, a quart of lukewarm water, and a table spoonful of regular dish soap. Stir them to mix evenly. Before you use it, test the solution on a small hidden spot on your carpet. If it does not fade the small section, you can go ahead and use it on the whole stain. 

Carpet deep cleaning without steam cleaner.

You will require dish soap or baking soda, a bucket, an old toothbrush, a clean cloth or towel, and regular carpet brush. Here are the steps you should follow;

  • Put warm water in the bucket
  • Start by vacuuming the carpet to get rid of loose dust and debris

    How to Disinfect Carpet Without Steam Cleaner
    How to Disinfect Carpet Without Steam Cleaner
  • You can either use dish soap or baking soda on the stain. For the soap, use one tablespoon for between 6 and 8 inches of the stain. That means you should measure the total area covered by the stain. If you are using baking soda, sprinkle it to cover the stain entirely. 
  • Swoosh the baking soda gently until bubbles begin to form
  • With the warm water in the bucket, use a carpet brush, toothbrush and towel to mildly scrub the stained area. Be careful not to use a lot of water that could soak the fabric.
  • Open the windows and turn on the fan to speed drying
  • When all the moisture is gone, vacuum your carpet. It is ready for use now. 

Whether you are cleaning old water stains or dog urine from your carpet, it is important to disinfect it as soon as possible. Learning how to disinfect carpet without steam cleaner will also save you time and money. You can decide to go it all natural without using any chemicals. The decision is now in your court of how you want to cleanse your carpet. If there is too much work to be done, you can always contact a professional to clean your carpet.