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Look Professionally Clean is So Important For Your Company Image.
I sure dont show up to my clients homes or business with dirty equipment inside or out.

Some offices would say ‘How dirty can the offices be? Cleaning it once in a while will do.' This kind of mentality is a no-no.

At 1ChicagoCarpetCleaner, we value a clean, professional business. Keeping in mind that how a business looks is a mere reflection of the way a business runs, we make sure that the carpet and area rug cleaners you have in your business will look as perfect as possible, to mirror the level of professionalism that your establishment has. When people walk in and out, especially on winters, walkways will absorb more dirt and if left untreated, it will be more difficult to clean. In order to maintain the appearance and extend the lifespan of carpet and area rug cleaners, it should be cleaned regularly. In cleaning your carpet and area rug cleaners, we make sure that your carpets do not just stay clean, but that they are also protected. Other carpet cleaning businesses clean carpets quickly without taking a good look at your carpet and making sure that the cleaning tools we bring to your business is properly removed. Here at 1ChicagoCarpetCleaner, we make sure to take those extra steps. In taking our equipment out, we make sure that we don't scratch your floors and doors. In over the past 15 years, we have successfully built a positive and strong reputation which makes us confident to continue on with our business with the quality service that we provide. To help you pump up the look of your business, give us a call and allow 1ChicagoCarpetCleaner to be of your service!

Chicago's #1 hot steam water Extraction
Cleaning Company For Retail and Restaurant Maintenance & Commercial Floor Cleaning.

Residential or commercial floor and furniture cleaning are completely different
. It is important that you must always look for a high-quality cleaner that would best suit your needs. In order to maintain your investment, you need cleaners that are experienced in using the right equipment and products for specific rugs or upholstery. To make sure that you do rugs and upholstery cleaning well and that they look fresh and are spotlessly clean, you should always hire a cleaner that is up to date with the brand new cleaning techniques.
Hiring professional cleaners should mean that they will be able to make sure that your fabrics are pristine and clean. When they “good look” only stays for a day or two, don't accept any excuses. When steam cleaned improperly, some fabrics may look worse than they were before having them steam cleaned. Fabrics should look better after they are professionally steam cleaned!

To have the best cleaning results
, make sure that you find a steam cleaner with a truck-mounted unit like that of dirty grout cleaners. Researches show that commercial carpet and area rug cleaners are only good for spots, and are no good for deep-down dirt. When using a high powered truck-mount unit with the proper detergents, you'll surely get rid of dirt, all bits of grease, oil, and grime. These bits of grease and other dirt and grimes will be contained in the holding tank in our van or truck and is sucked by a large suction hose to make sure that they won't be all over your business or home.

Now that commercial and home carpet cleaning machines comes with different temperature settings, having the right steaming tech is ideal because they would know what to do with what you have. Having them cleaned every 6 months is the right way to make sure that they stay fresh and clean. If you have them cleaned regularly every 6 months, you'll have less dirt in your carpet, less water usage, and you'll have quicker drying periods. This way, you'll surely have a clean and fresh-looking carpet in your house.  Some benefits of steam cleaning for business areas are lower water usage and a quicker drying time.

How You Can take Advantage

In the Chicago are where we live, chain restaurants have great traffic, which causes their carpets or furniture to get dirty pretty quickly. Monthly using steam cleaners on your carpet and area rug cleaners, rugs, or furniture will not only give enhance the look of your home or business, it will also help you save loads of cash. If you regularly get them cleaned, you'll have less need to replace them. Since it is just normal cleaning, and not deep cleaning, they will quickly dry and be ready for your business, restaurant, or home. So here's a note: when a family member, a friend, or a customer comments about the smell of your rug, carpet or furniture, it's probably best for you to have them cleaned routinely.

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