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I am writing this on true life experience's on carpet cleaning company's I have worked for in the past and truly these are my experiences and what I have saw and the only thing I could do about it was start my own company and give my heart to each job for a fair price.

We are Chicago & Plainfield's top carpet cleaning and pet stain removal company for a reason. 1 Chicago Carpet Cleaner has over 22 years of experience in the fabric cleaning business. With all the self-proclaimed companies out there that claim to send “trained technicians” to your home, can you really trust each and every one of them when their training only lasts two weeks? 1 Chicago Carpet Cleaner strongly believes that the only true training you can get comes from years of experience.

Pet stains and odor removal is one of the biggest markets and it's unfortunate to say there is maybe only 3% of carpet cleaners out there that are using the right products and taking the right steps to treat the fabric or carpet so the odor is removed the first time. 1 Chicago Carpet Cleaner wants to make sure that the consumer is not throwing away their money towards a cover up job. When a carpet cleaning company uses products with high fragrance smells, the odor-causing bacteria as well as the bacteria from pet stains are still present in the fabric, carpet, and rugs. This is very dangerous to you, your family and your surroundings!

As the proud owner of my carpet cleaning company, I am only writing this because I am tired of hearing from my customers that they have had carpet cleaners arrive with empty promises and leave with thousands of excuses as to why they could not resolve the issue. What's worse is that my customers pay big bucks to have their problems resolved! Where have all our good quality companies gone? Bottom line: greed, sales, training tactics and the like are the cause of the problem. Now a days, every sales tactic is based on quantity rather than quality. I hear about companies sending “seasoned technicians” on 6, 7, even 12 service stops a day and I just think to myself; “I have been doing this far too long to know there is absolutely NO WAY you can honestly say you did your best job on each and every one of them!!” Half the time, the techs will spend the same amount of effort on all of those jobs because all they have on their mind is getting home because they are not getting paid enough to work these crazy 12-15 hour shifts, 6 days a week.

The owners of these companies know this but all they think about is hitting those big jobs for the week. Even if the customer complains, you'll be lucky if they send someone out to redo the job at no extra charge because they truly didn't do a great job the first time for a reason. Worst of all, if they send someone back for free, that technician won't really take care of their customer because they're not making a penny off of you, and they still have 10 other jobs for the day.

Things to look for when hiring a carpet cleaner or upholstery cleaner:

1. Make sure they have over 15 years of experience minimum.
2. The company must be owner-operated
a. This is very important because owner operators want you to be a satisfied, repeat customer, and they want you to tell your friends & family and keep your business for a lifetime.
3. No soap or shampoo products (this is cover up products period)
4. Use detergents and rinse carpet with a rinsing agent
5. Look for companies that have truck-mounted units, not portables!
a. These truck-mounted units put out 220 degrees of true steam constantly! This will clean your fabrics unlike any other equipment and bring it to another level of clean!
6. They explain to you the exact process on removing and treating the odor in carpet or upholstery
7. They guarantee that if there's still an odor, they will come back and redo the job, and if they cannot get it out, you will get a full refund.

Just my experience and why I have a cleaning company

Today were going to talk about the importance of carpet cleaning, why we should have our carpets cleaned on a continuous basis. Carpet is the biggest dust collector in your home having it cleaned routinely can make a huge difference in the dust level in your house. Some people think having wood floors is going to cut down on the dust levels but the known fact is that your home is more dusty without carpet and this is a actual true fact so when thinking of getting rid of your carpet for a cleaner home that is incorrect and there will actually be more dusting involved after the carpet is gone. The key factor to keeping clean carpet is to vacuum daily and to have your carpets professionally cleaned at least twice a year.

When hiring a professional there's a few common things you need to look for such as the equipment they use the people doing the job and the type of products that are using these are the three common most important things. Always make sure the company has a truck mounted steam clean unit. Second but not least try to find a owner operator company they will want to keep your business do a good job and truly care about keeping you is a lifetime customer unlike the bigger companies with employees who are looking just for the big sale to get the end of the week check this is not good. And last but not least 95% of companies use soap and shampoo products which are very hard to rinse out of the carpet once they are put into it and usually make the carpet attract soil, grease and even dust from your hvac system and prevents your vacuum from doing the proper carpet upholstery cleaning process with the sticky residue left behind without rinsing the fabric properly.

Carpet or special fabrics should always be cleaned with mild detergents and then rinsed with a hot steam. This is the only correct way to actually extend the life of your fabrics, keep them clean for long periods of time, leave them soft and residue free with no harsh chemicals and this will actually save you money in the long run and keep your home cleaner throughout the time you and your family or employees are present which means if everybody's healthier in certain situations you will have less medical bills going to the doctors and have revived employees which is I guess the number one fact in this article.


1 Chicago Carpet Cleaner thinks these bait and switch cheap company's need to be found more not only in my service industry its happening everywhere all over the world please do your research on cleaning companys before you chose the right guy and dont shop for prices shop for quality if you find the right cleaning person they wiull work with you and not your wallet and you wont have to sacrifise your cleaning results
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