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Our 8 step restoration carpet cleaning process to restore your fabrics like new again.

These are our steps we take to get the best results from our cleaning procedure but always every job or service is different when it come to cleaning and the steps you apply. Chicago's cleaning crew the owner is a expert of making the right choices and sometimes using products that are stronger for top of the line cleaning results from your carpet to special fabrics. Sometimes this is a have to for certain jobs that are over soiled and have been neglected cleaning for years.   


Our Carpet and upholstery cleaning can be dry cleaned or wet (hot water extracted) we prefer wet deep cleaning for 5 star results.

1.   Full evaluation with the customer to make the proper cleaning and treatments to do the cleaning service right the first time.

2.   The pre-treatment of your carpet with hot steam detergent or enzyme.

3.   Lightly scrub and agitate fibers up in all the heavy traffic areas of your carpet for a more effective cleaning. This process ensures a better penetration of tough dirt and soil. Solve all your       stain problems by preconditioning your carpets through the removal of all stains that normally remain after cleaning.

4.   Revolutionize your carpets by making it look like it's new again. Through our special carpet grooming, you can be assured all fibers are revived and cleaned.

5.   Pre-treat all rugs or fabrics for 10 minutes to a half hour depending on how heavy soiled the fabrics are (estimated time depends on your carpet type and size).
6.   Steam clean your carpets in all areas using our state of the art  carpet cleaning machine 220 degrees steam! We deep steam your carpets with Fiber Rinse to ensure no residue is left in your       carpets, making sure it is 100% clean from pre-sprays and pervious improper carpet cleaning.

7.   Dry your carpets, furniture or special fabrics with air movers in just 2-3 hours (normal steam cleaning process)

8.   Groom carpet fibers for quicker dry time and remove any footprints.

True Steam Clean Difference

Why We Are Chicago's #1 Carpet Furniture Cleaner By Far For Homeowner's And Businesses

When it comes to carpet cleaning, one business is repeatedly talked about and used: 1 Chicago Carpet Cleaner. We offer an industrial Cleaner Truck mounted with a true steam cleaning system. But this system offers more than just basic steam cleaning.

Compared to Stanley Steamers, Sears carpet cleaners, doctor rug cleaner, and other professional Carpet cleaners, we offer a more personalized type of cleaning. Chicago's cleaning crew, the owner, will be there to answer your calls to provide the most comfortable carpet cleaning service.  You can ask him just about anything about carpet cleaning!

With our extensive knowledge, experience and equipment, we will provide you a new cleaning experience that will take you to new level of home cleaning. Our truck, equipped with a state of the art cleaning system, will make sure your carpets will look as new as they were the first time you used them. And like Stanley Steamers, our equipment is well-designed to thoroughly clean and penetrate through the toughest dirt soaking at the back of your carpets.

With our 7 Step Deep Cleaning process, we guarantee you a fast and effective cleaning process which will be your number one reason for making us your cleaning service of choice. Making our competitors, Stanley Steamers and Sears carpet cleaners, no match for us!

1cleanrug will make sure to restore your carpets to make it feel softer, cleaner, and fresher than other professional Carpet cleaners. With this kind of service backing our credibility, we are confident to say that you will be amazed with the amazing results our service offer!

How about dirty traffic areas And heavy Stains And Spots?

Many homeowners often worry about traffic areas, but what about them? One good factor that makes us number one is how we manage this certain aspect your home. You can trust us in managing dirty traffic areas because we use hot steam detergent enzymes when necessary. We also agitate the areas instead of scrubbing. Most companies scrub carpets which is one major cause of carpet damage. To ensure your carpets are safe, we let the areas soak for at least 15 minutes or longer in order to make sure we won't have to use any harsh chemicals. We then use true steam to clean your carpets. Unlike other professional Carpet cleaners who claim to steam clean your carpets (but are in fact only using warm water), we use real steam that heats up to 220 degrees.

You may have noticed other companies use warm water. We at 1cleanrug do not use this method because it causes over-wetting and in return carpets do not get cleaned like they could be and are wet for days sometimes. When we use very hot steam, we also use fiber rinse in the steam cleaning equipment to remove any residue left behind and some other residue left during previous cleanings. This aspect of cleaning is practiced by our company to ensure your carpets or furniture or special fabrics dry very fast. It also prevents your fabrics from getting dirty easily, preventing it from wearing out any days or weeks sooner. We will make sure that our cleaning won't leave dirt that will sink into your carpet. If the spots come back, we promise to come back as well! No questions asked 45 day guarantee.

Our Price is Rock Solid Over The Phone Or Estimate's Never A Worry.

As one of the most credible and economical carpet services in the business, our goal is to clean your carpets and not your pocket! We can assure you that we give you the right correct price whenever you ask us for a quote. And most importantly, our services do not include any hidden charges that many other companies push once their technicians arrive to do the cleaning or other handyman service.

         Experience the Cleaning difference with 1CCC 8 Step Deep Steam Cleaning Process

      Let us Wow you, the deepest rug & fabric cleaning and fast drying times.

chicago professional carpet cleaner
rug steam cleaning and upholstery deep cleaned in Plainfield & Naperville

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We can handle it! Don't forget - we offer 24hr flood emergency service to residences and commercial properties for floods, water removal, and sewage clean up in the areas of Northbrook, Palatine, Deerfield, Schaumburg, Chicago, Evanston, Naperville, Plainfield, Orland Park, Glenview and many more surrounding suburbs. Contact 1ccc today.

*The most common thing I here from my customers is
"WOW I didn't think those spots would come out!" -- "They never usually do"    

" Wow my carpet hasn't looked like this since I bought it!"

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