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Emergency and Flood Damage

1 Chicago Carpet Cleaner is Available 24/7

Do you have a late-night flood and need a reliable, on-call carpet cleaning company to come take care of it right away? Are there any last-minute stains on your furniture the day before a party in your home? What company can truly guarantee arrival to your location within hours of the initial phone call? No other company but 1 Chicago Carpet Cleaner of course! We will respond promptly, no matter how big or how small the situation may be, and produce the same brilliant results each and every time. Please feel free to reach us day or night - weekends and holidays included - at any hour for those last-minute, unfortunate emergency situations!

Flood Damage and Restoration

Floods that result from a natural disaster or plumbing failure can be some of the biggest nightmares a homeowner or business owner can experience. Let us make this unfortunate experience less stressful than it needs to be by taking care of the situation in a proper and timely manner. We will respond immediately to reduce further damage such as mold and health risks.

Please make sure to have water removed as quickly as possible in order to prevent swelling, warping, and staining of floor, walls, furniture and more importantly… mold! A flood disaster can be anything from a burst water pipe, broken water pipe, sink overflows, or neighborhood floods as a result of storms.
1 Chicago Carpet Cleaner makes your safety our number one priority. We extract all water, steam clean all carpets, rugs, and mats, and more. Once all water is removed, we can begin the restoration process. We steam clean carpets, apply sanitizing agents, germicides, deodorizers, and anti-microbial treatments in order to eliminate odor, stop the growth harmful microorganisms such as bacteria, mildew, mold, and fungi. More importantly, these treatments prevent your home or business from becoming health hazards. Last, but not least, we use fans and dehumidifiers to help in the drying process of the area.

What You Can Do

Pre-Restoration Tips
•  First and foremost, wear gloves and rubber boots before entering the area!
•  Document all flood damage for insurance purposes
•  Take pictures of flooded areas and damaged items, furniture, and belongings
•  Call 1 Chicago Carpet Cleaner and allow us to do the water extraction and restoration!
Post-Restoration Tips
•  Throw out things such as books, magazines, board furniture, and suitcases that may have been flooded. This will prevent any potential harmful contaminants to harm you or your family.
•  Wash or toss out any soaked bedding, clothing, drapes, etc, in a washing machine under the “sanitize cycle.”
•  Clean, wash and wipe down all surfaces (including surfaces that were not in direct contact with the flood) at or near the flood affected area in order to prevent future mold problems, or you can give 1 Chicago Carpet Cleaner a call and we can clean your home his for you!


We have experience in emergencies and flood like no one other.

1 Chicago Carpet Cleaner has over 20 years of experience in this business and has been certified in mold remediation and reconstruction of your home to make sure there are no cut corners. I have worked with many insurance companies over the years and can truly make the process simple for you and your family to make your home even better than before the disaster occured.

1 Chicago Carpet Cleaner has worked with State Farm Insurance, American Family Insurance, and AllState. They are very familiar with our company so there will never be any confusion on what is being done or how much anything should cost.

We will make sure you get what you deserve in this terrible situation. We promise your home will be taken into great care and consideration, just as if it was my own home. I don't just say this, I guarantee it. I, The Chicago Carpet Cleaner Technician at 1 Chicago Carpet Cleaner run every job from start to finish and give you individual attention at all times, day and night!

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