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How to Prepare if I order Your Carpet Cleaning or any other Service:

1. Remove all small items and breakables in areas we will be cleaning. We move the furniture and also have to protect so make sure everyting is cleared off the top or breakables inside as we have to lift to put crush proof blocks or plastic tabs under legs so proper air circulation can dry the fabric and also not damage the carpet or upholstery.

2. Vacuum and dust everything being cleaned: if there is heavy furniture, we will gladly dust it for you when we move it.

3. Use fans: If you have them, use them! Air circulation is very important for quick drying. Some of our customers have told us their carpets were dry in about an hour. If you don't have any, ask friends, family, or neighbors to borrow their fans! This is not a requirement, but it will speed up drying time. At your request, we can bring fans if you don't have or cannot get a hold of any but are not necessary dry times range from 4-6 hours depending on condition and soil of carpet.

4. Don't use any spotters on any spots: this could cause permanent stains and spots (resolve, woolite, and many more just cover the spots temporarily and break down the fibers and attract dirt). We will provide you with a bottle of spotter and give you simple directions on how to use it.

5. Move any veichles in the driveway before we arrive so that we can park close to the doorway: we use truckmounted equipment and the closer we get, the  faster the carpets dry and the faster the jobs gets completed.

6. Please put pets away or take them to a friend's or family's place for the day: the door will have to stay open a few inches so we can suck the dirt into our holding tank in the van.

7. Let all family members know that the floors are being cleaned ahead of time so no one slips and falls ( remind  them multiple times we always do!) also keep kids , infants  and pets away from hoses and cleaning equipment and cleaning machine and van they are very hot and can be burned.

8. Be prepared to be amazed of the cleaning results you will get from us: not all first-time customers have had this experience – we wow them every time! Contact us today or call 773-706-5100

My Guarantee

I offer a 30-day Money Back Guarantee on all my work. I am always doing the work.

Also will give you one free emergency cleaning if you are a repeat customer, call me before six months and I will be glad to come get a spot or two out free of charge.

I put my heart into every cleaning service I do like it was my own, so you never have to worry about who is coming to your home or the experience, the tech has over 20 years cleaning all fabrics and upholstery and even any special fabrics you may have.

I am here to earn your business for life. I am not a tech who is working to get home for the day or Fridays paycheck, I want you to brag to your family, friends and neighbors about my company and what a great cleaning experience you had with me.

We clean all special fabrics from draperies to wool area rugs and can also protect them with your choice of protector for life long looking new results in between cleanings.

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