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chandelier professional cleaning

Light Fixture Cleaning

Light fixtures should be treated like mirrors: Nobody wants to see dirty, smudged, dusty or even greasy light fixtures (or even worse, dead bugs!). You spent all that time picking out the light fixtures, and you spent all that money buying the best light fixtures that complement the rest of the room, so we understand that you want to keep them looking new all the time.

What We Clean
– We clean light fixtures in all rooms, hallways, and entryways. We clean outdoor light fixtures of all sizes! We clean wall lights, ceiling lights, lamps, ceiling fans, pendants, and even chandeliers. We clean all types: chrome, wood, glass, steel, nickel, pewter, and brass fixtures.

How We Clean
– Our detailed cleaning crew takes the type of lighting fixture into consideration. Metal ceiling lights and fans are cleaned with a soft cloth (not metal polish!) in order to prevent any scratches during the process. Removable glass light fixtures are taken apart, washed with warm water and a mild liquid cleaner. Next, they are rinsed and dried with a dry cloth, and put back. Chandeliers and other non-removable light fixtures on high ceilings require another process since they cannot be removed. We will make sure to wipe down, clean, and polish each and every section of your chandelier to restore its shine and glamour. And just to show you how careful and considerate we are of not just your fixtures, but also your floors, we will put down tarps underneath the fixtures so that your flooring is not damaged during the process.

The last thing you want is to sit at your breakfast table or dining room table with your delicious food and see clumps of dust fall on your plate! Give 1 Chicago Carpet Cleaner
a call and have us clean all your light fixtures so you can flaunt those attractive pieces once again!

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