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1 chicago carpet cleaner cleans mattress-sanitizes and makes your family safe
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Cleaning your mattress is just as important as cleaning anything else in your house. Mattresses hold dust mites, dirt and odors. Mattresses are expensive and you want to keep it for a long time so you need to clean it regularly.

Beds can contain dust mites. Lots and lots of dust mites and dust mites eat dead skin. Dust mites are so small we cant see them. Dust mites become irritants on the surface and in the air. What triggers our allergies is the waste from a dust mite. Dust mites that are female lay up to 300 eggs. If you have someone in your home with asthma or allergies it is important to make sure you clean your mattress regularly. Having your mattress cleaned professionally will get rid of those dust mites. Some things you can do to keep your mattress longer are putting a mattress protector on your mattress. Mattress protectors protect against soiling and make a healthier sleeping area. They protect against mold and fungus. They also reduce allergens from dust mites.  You should also rotate your mattress. Some mattresses you don't have to rotate but some of the older ones do.

 It will evenly distribute the wear on the mattress and that can make the mattress last longer. You should treat any stains right away. You should use cold water and soap to get rid of a stain. Only blot the stain you should never scrub because you may make the stain bigger. If your mattress has an odor you can air it out and if that doesn't work you can sprinkle baking soda on it and then vacuum it. You shouldn't soak your mattress because mattresses don't like moisture. Vacuuming is the best way to clean your mattress but if it is to bad to just vacuum you should contact the manufacturer of the mattress to find out the correct way to clean it. You don't want to void your warranty by cleaning it the wrong way.

If you decide to have a professional come out and clean your mattress that is great. Professionals have training and experience with dust mites and stains. They know how to get rid of the dust mites. They know the proper solutions to use to get rid of certain stains. They are careful to not mix any chemicals and they won't void any warranties on your mattress. They use expensive equipment that will get rid of the dust mites and dirt. Professionals will spray a solution on the mattress that will get rid of bacteria and loosen dirt. Then they vacuum with a high- powered vacuum that traps the dirt and dust mites. They sterilize the mattress. Then they spray a solution that has insect repellent inside that will keep the dust mites away.

In conclusion we spend a lot of time in bed. You should want your bed to be the cleanest place. If you clean your mattress regularly it is good for you and your families health and it will also help you sleep better.

Mattress Cleaning

We all know the importance of having carpets and upholstered furniture routinely cleaned, but nobody ever really thinks about cleaning their mattresses. And why should they? Shouldn't it be enough that we change bed sheets and linens? Unfortunately, this is not enough. People spend about a third of their lifespan sleeping, so shouldn't this be a big reason why mattresses should be cleaned?
Don't let your comfortable mattress turn into a breeding ground for bed bugs, dust mites, and allergens! Pet odors, urine, and stains do not just smell and look bad, they're a health concern. People with allergies suffer the most from sleeping in beds that house dust, danger, dirt, dust, fungal spores, pollen, bacteria, dust mites and bed bugs.
1 Chicago Carpet Cleaner uses safe and non-invasive cleaning methods to disinfect your mattresses.  With our experience and our equipment, we will properly clean your mattresses and pillows so that asthma, bed bug bites, bronchitis, and even respiratory infections can be prevented. give us a call for more info 773-706-5100

What to Look for:

Smudged edges around boxspring and mattresses – these are not just dirt spots, they're signs of bedbugs
•  Ripped sections – this is signs of a dust mite infestation! This needs to be taken care of right away!
•  Stains or faint odors – We often sweat and shed skin cells during the night, and it is proven that mold and mites feed on this. Faint odors are a result of normal use and even pet accidents and spills, which also bring in these unwanted allergens

Whether you are a homeowner or tenant, property manager or owner, our goal is to provide the best mattress cleaning service possible in Chicago, Lake Forest, Glenview, Northbrook, and surrounding suburbs while also re-establishing a healthier, indoor living environment for you and your property. Keeping your mattress clean may not be the easiest task, since accidents are inevitable. You may spill your drink, the children may jump on your bed with shoes on, pets have accidents, and even worse, dust mites and bed bugs may inhabit your mattress. The last thing you ever want to do is ignore the accident and let the mattress dry as if it never happened! This will only cause your mattress to be a breeding ground for mold, dust mites, bed bugs, and allergens.

1 Chicago Carpet Cleaner Recommendations for Homeowners:

. Change Bed Sheets and Linens Weekly – This will prevent most dirt and dust from penetrating deep down the mattress, and will also give you a chance to see whether or not your pet just had an accident that was not visible on the sheets
2. Use Hypoallergenic Mattress Covers – This will help people who suffer from allergies get a more peaceful sleep. This will also help prevent bed bug bites if you have bed bugs
3. Flip Mattresses Twice a Year – so that one side of the bed is not used more than the other side
4. Vacuum Mattresses Monthly – Doing this will extract dead mites and bed bugs, and if possible, vacuum both sides of the mattress
5. Have your mattress professionally steam cleaned by us! – 1 Chicago Carpet Cleaner uses steam cleaning equipment at the right temperature to kill dust mites, bed bugs, and allergens. Contact Us Today!

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