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Mold and Mildew Remediation and Elimination

  What's So Bad about Mold, Anyway?

You constantly read that even the smallest amount of mold is bad for you. You hear all these mold and mildew remediation companies and websites repeatedly say that you should call them to get rid of a flood and any minor signs of mold, but why? Mold, in fact, is a sneaky fungus. And it's not just bad for you… it's dangerous.  Maybe you can post this on FB and include a link to this 1ccc webpage.
Mold comes in all sorts of colors such as white, grey, green, and black. Black mold is the dangerous type of mold of them all. Always be sure to watch for black mold! You can never be too sure whether or not you have come into contact with mold, but 1 Chicago Carpet Cleaner lists some of the common signs and symptoms of mold exposure.

  Signs and Symptoms of Mold Exposure

•  Skin rash (whether or not you came into direct contact with mold)
•  Eye irritation (whether it be watery or dry eyes, often confused with seasonal allergies)
•  Headaches (people most affected are those who suffer from migraines)
•  Flu-like symptoms
•  Chronic fatigue (even with enough sleep)
•  Sore throat (hoarse voice, itchy throat, swelling or raw feeling)
•  Development of asthma
•  Runny or bleeding nose
•  Hair loss
•  Pulmonary Hemorrhage (mostly occurs in infants)
•  Low immune system (constant number of infections)
•  Upset sinuses
•  Psychological depression
Where to Look for Mold
•  Basements and cellars (including the ones that have never been flooded)
•  Under carpeting, rugs, and mats where they may have come to contact with water
•  Behind walls that cover up plumbing
•  Leaky windows and roofs
•  Near air-conditioning units
•  Around and under cardboard boxes
•  Behind and under refrigerators
•  Around sinks, tubs, and anything with a faucet
•  Cracked or peeling paint
•  Sunken ceilings and walls
•  Separation between baseboards and walls
•  Any darkened wood furniture or rotting wood
•  Basically, anything that can come into contact with water!

Mold and mildew are serious issues that should never be taken lightly. First and foremost, you can always take the first step in preventing further mold damage by buying a mold kit as soon as you spot any signs of mold. Once you do this, you can decide whether or not you can take care of small amounts of mold by yourself, or to call us for a complete removal of mold all throughout your home.
We use sanitizers, deodorizers, odor removers, germicides, anti-microbial treatments, and dehumidifiers in order to stop the growth of harmful and hazardous mold in your residential or commercial property. Do not hesitate to call us so that this problem does not worsen with time!

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