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Our customers who have never owned any pets are curious as to why there is even a debate about the odors that arise from pet urine and accidents. Other customers even think that 1 Chicago Carpet Cleaner pet odor experts are unnecessary. They simply can't imagine why it would be necessary to hire professional experts to mop up doggy, kitty or other animal's accidents. In serious situations, cleaning up after pet urine and accidents requires commercial cleaning products with high acids or enzymes that must be rinsed out by professional floor cleaning equipment to get the job done right the first time.
Stain removal of dog and cat urine or feces is never ever an easy task for us, but it can be done. Those that have pets know how big of an issue these stains and odors can be. Not only does it subtract greatly from the home or business, but it is a major health concern for the

following reasons:

1. Animal urine and accidents worsen allergies – Our customers with allergies are heavily affected, not only by the smell, but also the pollen spores and dander in the air around your home or business resulting from the lack of routine cleaning.

2. Ammonia is an irritant to eyes and lungs – Ammonia is a component of dog and cat urine which irritates the eyes and lungs. This can cause a sudden burning sensation which can only be eliminated by properly cleaning carpets and any other kind of flooring. Though this is only a side effect of pet odor, it is a serious health hazard which can only be removed with professional cleaning equipment.

3. Children are exposed to a greater risk – Young children's health must always be considered. Since children are constantly developing and so are their organs, they are constantly more susceptible to the side effects of pet odors and stains.

4. Improper cleaning leads to a breeding ground for bacteria – Although there are many pet odor removal products which can be purchased at your local store, not all of them work, and none of them are powerful enough to remove any residue left behind by pet stains and odor. We have commercial, professional equipment  that removes this residue so that your home does not become a breeding ground for harmful bacteria – and even fungi – that can cause endless side effects to your household.

5. Pet stains can transmit diseases – If your pet happens to have a disease, it can be transferred from your pet to its urine, and to your home. This fact has been established by the Center for Disease Control, and pet urine has been proven to be transmitted to your family members!

1 Chicago Carpet Cleaner hopes that with this information, you can make the wise choice to have pet odors and stains professionally removed by our cleaning experts. Unfortunately, something as serious as pet urine cannot be removed with simple mopping. It is important to constantly check whether your pet had an accident inside your home so that the situation can be taken care of. Locating pet stains may not always be an easy task since pet urine – as shocking as it may be – is not always noticeable without using a black light.
If you ever spot a pet stain or smell even the faintest smell of urine, it is always better to treat the problem right away before the urine seeps deep down the carpet, into the padding, and even down to the flooring. Mopping or cleaning with a rag can't penetrate all the way down! Our carpet cleaning technicians can take care of this problem for you with our steam-cleaning equipment that is capable of penetrating all the way down to the flooring without damaging your carpets, upholstery, or flooring.

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