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1 Chicago Carpet Cleaner Professionals?

1.  I do all my own Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Always!

2. You get a solid cleaning quote from me on the phone  

3.  Price includes everything with your cleaning service quote no hidden charges

4.  I have hundreds of carpet & upholstery cleaning reviews

5.  I do about 5 more  fabric cleaning procedures then all other  carpet cleaning companys

6.  Protect  wood & tile floors that are not carpet with drops or moving blankets

7.  Clean all baseboards in the carpeted areas we are servicing for that day

8.  Any furniture moved we will clean and dust all furniture with a dry dust rag

9.  Most important I spend 3x the amount of time then any other carpet or upholstery cleaning company

10. We dry mop all services we walk on and near by carpet to hard surface areas

11. Have different spot cleaning products including wool carpet stocked in my van I can dry clean also

12. Have 2 carpet & furniture fans speed drys in a couple hours*

13. Most powerful carpet steam cleaning machine with over 20 years Experience

14.  I do 1-3 carpet cleaning service stops a day My quality carpet upholstery cleaning experience and time spent cleaning your fabrics is always treated like it was my own home I am cleaning

All the time I here this was the best cleaning I ever had by far!
Plainfield carpet cleaning savings in Illinois

Question & Answers

How do I get my carpets look brand new?

You might be asking the question due your failed attempts of cleaning with a rug doctor or hiring stanley steemer or sears home services of making your carpets look brand new. This is huge factor because techs have a ton work everyday 95% of the time and results get poor not that some of them want to but they have to to make it home and get to other waiting customers it takes time to do the job correctly and stanlet steemer or sears home services just wont let this happen they are doing 3 rooms because have 40 more rooms to do that day. First, you have to know that yearly cleanings, right truckmounted steam clean equipment, detergents and rinses or any other known chemicals just do not simply do the job of making your carpets look new.

There is time involved and chemistry to the cleaning process after doing a study of all fabrics to know the right products and water temp to use. The key to making your carpets look fresh is the use of a true steam clean method. Using steam means less chemicals, lesser residue, and faster drying. We at 1CCC have been practicing this method for years which has made hundreds and thousands of carpets look brand new and clean. All you have to do after we clean your carpets is to have a continuous maintenance and we guarantee they will look new from beginning to the end.

What else can I do to keep my carpets clean?

We offer you a fast cleaning agent called 3M Scotchguard. This amazing cleaning product reseals the fibers of your carpet, providing a longer life to it, even in high traffic areas.

How do I know I am going to get my money’s worth?

As a 1 Chicago Carpet Cleaner customer, you can be assured that we will be giving you all the time and attention you deserve in the maintenance of your carpet. Your personal consultant is available at all times.

What if I have special fabrics?

1 Chicago Carpet Cleaner cleans all types of fabrics. To make sure your fabrics are known to us, we take an individual walk throughout your area to make sure we know the materials. This will help us determine the right products to use for your carpet. The secret to help reduce allergens in your home is by routinely cleaning your carpets. We also offer a fogging service as part of our duct cleaning which kills mold and other pollen.

Do you clean antique upholstery & chairs?

Yes. Our experienced technicians work with a variety of special fabrics dry clean fabrics on both modern and antique furniture pieces. The key to the maintenance and cleaning of antiques is by knowing the right cleaning solutions based on your furniture’s type of fabric and its current condition such as the amount of dirt, the presence of stains etc.

What specific regions does your service cover?

1 Chicago Carpet Cleaner offers service to the entire metropolitan Chicago area and as far north as southern Wisconsin. Since our equipment is mounted in vans, hiring us to offer service is quicker than most of our competitors like Stanley Steamers and doctor rug cleaner.

We only use truckmounted carpet cleaning units, No buckets of dirty water are dragged around your home ?

By asking this question, you might have experienced the discomfort of other services dragging a lot of equipment into your house. We understand the discomfort this situation causes you. For this same reason, we try our best to limit the amount of equipment we bring to your home. As mentioned, most of our equipment such as vacuums and steam system are van-mounted together with other cleaning solutions. Thus, we always make sure to conduct a "walkthrough" to see how many or how much of our equipment are needed inside of your home.

How do you differ from normal carpet cleaners and equipment rental services?

Compared to the carpet cleaners which you normally use, we utilize a different carpet cleaning system. Once factor which contributes to home carpet cleaning failure are the types of solutions you use. Most rental systems rely heavily on harsh chemicals or soaps to clean your carpets. This method leaves a lot of residue that causes carpet damage. Carpets differ in materials and form. Thus, it is important to pick the right solution for each carpet. Using the wrong equipment and cleaning will cause you paying more than to have a professional cleaning service come on in.

Do I have to remove my drapery from the windows before you come in?

No, we clean your draperies without having to take them down.

Do you offer service to commercial businesses?

Yes, we certainly do! We do business with both residential and commercial clients. We offer the same type of services for both.

Can we send you pictures for cleaning price and results?

Yes we  want you to send us pictures for your benefit and ours. First we can explain to you how the certain fabric or rug needs to be cleaned. Second we can give you a solid quote on cleaning most important for furniture, special upholstered fabrics, wool area rugs and handmade rugs this will most benefit both of us for the price and your cleaning results and show how confident we are steam cleaning or even dry cleaning your fabric for top results with a great price included.

Do you offer Air Duct Vent Cleaning Service?

Yes, we do offer Air Duct Vent Cleaning. Our team of experts does an individual walkthrough to inspect and study your vents. What we do is we remove all covers and use our truck-mounted units with 2 inch vacuum hose to remove any large debris to make sure your ventilations are free from unwanted materials and dirt. Our system and method ensures that your entire heating/air conditioning system is fully cleaned.
In line with this, we also offer a fogging treatment to sanitize and deodorize your system that will eliminate any pollen, mold, mildew, ragweed or any other contaminants in your system.
To know more about our services, visit our cleaning difference page

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