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1 chicago carpet cleaner cleans white furniture and area rugs

Furniture-upholstery or any special fabric is probably the second most used item in a home next to carpets. And for this reason, 1 Chicago Carpet Cleaner lists them as the second most important item to be routinely cleaned for a healthier indoor environment. Dust mites, dirt, and allergens gather up in furniture as much as carpets, and if left untreated, they can harm household members. And just like carpet, upholstered furniture needs to be routinely vacuumed and steam cleaned. Every day wear and tear can also cause furniture to look prematurely faded and unnecessarily dirty. However, 1 Chicago Carpet Cleaner can reverse this problem and convert your furniture back into the timeless furniture that it is! With our care and expertise, 1 Chicago Carpet Cleaner will treat your furniture like our own and make sure that they continue to look that way. We know exactly what it takes to keep your furniture looking new. Whether it is a valued item passed from generation to generation or that recently bought piece that complements your room. Contact us today 773-706-5100

We are the best and guarantee it!

How do we know?

We see it everyday from our new customers and our past customers and these are just a few reasons of many why to chose use when your furniture or upholstery needs the proper cleaning

This is very easy, we spend more time then any other company cleaning your special fabrics. Second is that we have over 30 different fabrics cleaners stocked on our truck and everyone is for different types of fabrics. A lot of companys only carry what is the best deal or what is safe for all unexperienced techs to use so they wont damage any fabrics and can get to the next job quickly, again this is  not good. First off they tell you its the best they could do.

they did not spend the time they should to do your whole item of fabric correctly, which if they couldnt get it to look to your cleaning needs they could have atleast spent the time to truly do the best cleaning they could.

Third is the most important
. Well when you do more then 2-3 jobs a day you can not spend a hour or more on a sofa cleaning or a set of dining chairs for example so in reality a sofa take atleast a hour for a easy cleaning fabric so to say how can someone clean 3 peices of furniture IN 2 HOURS ?

I always tell clients or potential customers to shop around and find the smaller guys who are in business for them self they will give you the best job possible being they want to earn your business not get to the next job so they can get home for the day or maybe its Friday and they just want there check and to get home or go out this is happing every day all over! I use to be one of those guys myself and really just made me upset to see so many people get taken for there hard earned money and truly not get what they pay for. This day is how I run my company now to make sure every customer is happy and never ever throw there money away period! I take more pride in my work to earn you as a lifetime customer no matter what I will make sure your happy thats my goal with in my business and have over 2500 referrals for your request of the service I do so there is never a worry once again ever!

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leather conditioning and leather cleaning will protect your investment call today 773-706-5100

Leather Cleaning

Leather cleaning is by far the most neglected fabric to be cleaned. The consumer buys leather and thinks it's going to last forever without any cleaning maintenance when leather should be cleaned and conditioned every 2 years at the least. Leather is a soft material that dries out and cracks or crackles and when it cracks there no turning back like a regular fabric cleaned or upholstery. That's why leather has to be routine maintenance on it and conditioned, but if this is done can last generations and look new for a long time of picking the right cleaning company who cleans and conditions the material correctly and makes sure every parts is cleaned and treated properly with the right cleaning method and cleaning products. Get a free quote or demo today.

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