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Why Call a Cleaning Service Pro?

1ccc is Plainfield and cleaner we also offer pet stain odor removal. 1 Chicago Carpet Cleaner's owner-operator has over 22 years of experience in the special fabric cleaning and odor removal business. With all the self-proclaimed companies out there saying they send "trained technicians" to your home, 1 Chicago Carpet Cleaner strongly believes that the only true training you can get comes from years of experience on the job. read more here

                                                                                                                                                 The area we live in, Chicago and the suburbs, is a busy enviroment.

The carpets in your home or business can enhance the look of any room, so ensuring that carpets are always kept unbelievably clean is an absolute must. Carpet cleaning SHOULD BE IMPORTANT to you not simply because of appearance, but also because it is indispensable to providing a safe dust free environment inside your home for your family.
New carpet can make any room look pristine and elegant, but in just a few months, that same carpet will begin to look worn-out and dirty if it's not professionally steam cleaned and rinsed properly. Having carpets professionally cleaned THE RIGHT WAY, after a few months, will make your carpets last almost forever while still maintaining that crisp, new look. Call 1CCC @ 773-706-5100 or email us with any questions.

Our  Steam Clean deep carpet cleaning process is recommended by 99% of the carpet mills and furniture companies. They know that deep carpet cleaning methods work best!

The most common misconception about carpets
is that only light-colored carpets need to be deep steam cleaned frequently. In reality, all carpets – regardless of color – will entrap the same amount of dirt. While dirt and stains in lighter colored carpets are more visible, darker colored carpets are just as likely to get dirty. Even though homeowners try to maintain carpets themselves, only a professional carpet cleaner can adequately achieve and restore the same great look and cleanliness of a brand-new carpet.

Although vacuum cleaning is essential, it only removes dust and dirt on the surface of the carpet only
. The equipment used by 1 Chicago Carpet Cleaner removes dirt, oils, allergens, pet stains and odors and other pollutants from your rugs or upholstery. Are Hot Steam Pretreatment effectively penetrates to the innermost part of the carpet fibers or your special upholstered fabrics in the soaking process. One major drawback to only using vacuums is that they cannot clean really dirty rugs, carpet stains or heavy pet odors. 1ccc uses a separate, in-depth and extensive cleaning procedure that far exceeds the capabilities of at-home, store-bought equipment. We strongly advise people to entrust their carpet care to the cleaning professionals in Illinois at 1ccc to maintain the beauty of their carpets or upholstery while avoiding or causing any permanent damage, stains or odors left behind in you expensive carpet or upholstery.

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