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Since wool carpet is not only made a delicate fabric, it needs to have proper maintenance and should be cleaned with special care so that it can last forever. For over 20 years now, I have been cleaning wool carpet and area rugs. Even though I have taken more than 20 classes on fabric cleaning, time and experience in this industry helped me become an expert in this field.

Neutral cleaners are best for cleaning wool carpet and area rugs. After cleaning them with neutral cleaners, use a fiber rinse to rinse them to remove residues. After the cleaning is done, make sure that there is no residue legt in the wool fiber. If this is done correctly, then you can avoid damaging your wool carpet, and you'll have a nice wool carpet.

Make sure that the fabric has a low pH level, we execute a pH test on our customers' rugs so we know if they were properly cleaned and rinsed. They should be soft and clean when they are cleaned correctly—they shouldn't be sticky and tacky.

If you're left with a lot of residue, you can't be rescued by your vacuum. No matter what vacuum you have, no matter how strong the power it is on, you can't be saved. When you use your vacuum, you only get rid of 20% off the dirt and dust. The vacuum just injures the fabric and doesn't really help with the residue that is left.

When hiring people to clean your wool fabrics, make sure that they are reliable. Be aware of who you hire. Make sure that you hang the carpets dry after cleaning them. Also, make sure that proper air ventilation is present to avoid molds and mildew from developing while drying your carpet. Along with the cleaning, this is one of the most important steps to make sure you protect your carpet. Settling down with a cheap cleaner is not always good. This doesn't always mean that you'll have the best cleaning job.

One more thing, if you want to know how dirty your rugs are and how clean they are, try touching them. You know that your rugs are cleaned properly when they feel soft and when they are not sticky or they don't have a funky smell.
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