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My carpets and grout came out so clean. In fact, my 12 year old even noticed the clean kitchen floors! I like how Steve does his own work and takes pride in his work. He is honest, prompt and fair priced. I would definitely recommend his services and would use him again.

Professional Carpet Cleaning & Fair Priced Always!

Thanks for visiting 1 Chicago Carpet Cleaner. We are a high end professional carpet cleaning service in Chicago area for residential and commercial carpet and upholstery We Clean High End Fabrics From wool carpet and wool area rugs. Servicing  Naperville & Plainfield area, We service all Chicago and surrounding suburbs.

We will amaze you with our carpet and furniture cleaning service, along with 24/7 water restoration services and water removal, we provide the highest level of quality and personalized service at an affordable price.

Using Proper Cleaning Products For your Special Fabrics

Please Note : We do not shampoo your rugs or diy carpet cleaning equipment we have Commercial carpet steam cleaning machines mounted in our truck and We do not use soap or shampoo products, The carpet or upholstery will stay clean like when you purchased your home or carpet and the spots are removed forever not covered up temporary! So they dont come back I here this from my new cleaning clients everyday how the spots always come back!

We Clean it right and we can prove it

1 Chicago Carpet Cleaner uses the most recommended cleaning method for your carpets and upholstery cleaning. We don’t just say it, we prove it! With our free demo I will come out and clean the most soiled fabric or hard surface you have for free! We have great carpet and furniture cleaning specials in Plainfield and Naperville right now for the holidays. contact us

Whole House Carpet Cleaning $219.00.00> Everything Included

Wool Area Rug Cleaning or Upholstery Cleaning 20% Off

Tile Dirty Grout Cleaning 20% Off New Customers  

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Professional quality cleaning in the carpet and upholstery cleaning industry. I Steve Samoska has over 20 years of cleaning service experience and over 2,700 satisfied repeat clients! That’s why my cleaning service company 1 Chicago Carpet Cleaner can handle any fabric or upholstery cleaning service, small or large, and any emergency flood situation at your request. I am here to take care of all your fabric cleaning needs and also specialize in cleaning wool fabrics, upholstery cleaning, general or detailed , and even middle of the night flooded basements.

For same day cleaning service; Chicago Carpet Cleaning > 847-454-3333
Plainfield Carpet Cleaners > 815-669-3333    Naperville Carpet Upholstery Cleaning > 630-780-6666

1 Hour Emergency Service for residential and commercial carpet and furniture cleaning for the Chicago area including Northbrook Schaumburg, Deerfield, Palatine,  Glenview, Evanston,  Naperville, Plainfield, Orland Park and many more locations.

Having  good indoor air quality is important and one way to keep your air quality good is to remember to clean your carpets.  To some people cleaning carpets regularly isn’t important . You should have your carpets cleaned regularly or at least once a year by a professional.

The health of your family is the main reason you should clean your carpets. Carpets hold a lot of particles. These particles are not healthy for us. There is dirt and dust in the carpet and it also gets in the air. Vacuuming regularly will help but as time goes by it will get harder to get all the particles out.

Also found in your carpet is dust mites. These are found in most homes. Dust mites cause allergies. As more dust builds up in your carpet the only way to remove it correctly is by a professional.

A lot of people buy steam-cleaning machines. These do work for stains but they do not work well for cleaning a whole room or getting rid of allergens. Really in the long run they ruin more carpet then cleaning.

Homeowners never really learn the correct way to clean carpets. The science of cleaning your carpets leads to over wetting your carpet, which causes residue.  Residue will then attract new dirt.

The steam cleaning machines homeowners purchase  are greatly produced so we can afford them but these machines can’t extract all of the water out of the carpet. That is the cause of over wetting and then we get mold problems.

The company would need to sell a machine that is really high priced in order for it to do the job correctly. To keep the price reasonable they just add jet sprayers to vacuums . They can only let out a small amount of cleaner and that leaves problems.

You are left with puddles of  water that goes into the padding. The water keeps the allergens down with it in the carpet. This can cause your carpet to start looking dull.

The equipment professionals’ use is very expensive and they are made to take the dirt out of the fibers of the carpet.  These machines go all the way to the backing of the carpet.

The machines you rent from the stores are bad for your carpet. These machines are not properly cleaned and taken care of regularly. They may have more germs in them then anything else. Then you also have the residue problem with these machines.

Carpets that are under warranty usually require you to clean your carpets every year. If you are having your carpet cleaned for warranty reasons make sure they use hot water extraction.  

It is important to get your carpets cleaned once a year by a professional for these reasons. They have the proper equipment that can clean your carpet and get the water out. They also have the proper equipment to dry your carpets. Professionals are also trained on how to clean the different types of carpet and they also know which solutions to use on those carpets.  If you want your families health to remain good then it is important to clean your carpets.

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20% off new customers or fill out out ourclick for free quote to see exactly what your paying no hidden fees ever!
Important! Before you hire a carpet cleaner
carpet rug cleaners in chicago plainfield and naperville

Have water in your basement? We can help.. We will come in give you a free evaluation and can doing everything from the water removal and restoration and wet structural damage. We have over 20 years experience and follow all insurance guidelines. We can also rebuild your basement while keeping your home safe for you and your family.

We have the right equipment To do the job correctly
24 hour emergency service
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